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The brand was founded in Russia in December 2017.
as a hobby by two friends who care
about sneakers. But the hobby quickly outgrew
into a professional independent project.
Today YEA2098 is a dynamically developing
brand based on commitment
our philosophy, authentic fresh design
consistent with the latest trends, high
quality and attention to detail.

The core of the brand's philosophy is thinking about the meaning of things, fashion and personality in the future, in the world of 2098. Branded items will no longer be what we know them today in social terms. They will be high-quality, aesthetic, utilitarian and relevant beyond time. Just such things, does YEA2098. Fast fashion will be replaced by an informed choice. This will solve the problem of excessive consumption and production in fashion. YEA2098-a brand that tells not about what is happening today, but about what will happen tomorrow, so the hero of YEA2098 is ahead of its time.

Creating a new model, we try to find an image
or event in Russian history, what are we proud of
and what can inspire us to create a form or
the content of the new sole or the entire shoe!

Russian T34 inspired us to create the sole
T34 tank - fast, light and maneuverable, for that period
for Russian industry it was amazing
achievement. It can still be seen in many
video games and pedestals on the streets of cities!

The LUNARUS sole is the history of Russian development
of space, this is the flight of Gagarin - the first man in space,
Russian history of space exploration is amazing
the story that the first is always not easy, everyone is watching
on the leader and expect from him every time higher and higher

The sole of ICECRUST K1 is the history of the Russian north,
eternal ice when a beautiful flower in a frozen piece
ice is very beautiful in its stillness, it's about
that even if your heart froze and froze, then in it
still beating love and bright feelings that can
melt any ice.
We ourselves design models and develop shoe designs, studying fashion trends and trends, use the experience of our consultants who participate and create models for top brands!
In the production of our models of shoes, we use only genuine leather made in Italy, unless the model involves the use of fabric and other modern and technological materials!
Technologists with extensive manufacturing experience and traditions in creating various models of shoes share their secrets with us and help in the implementation of our developments.
We also do not forget about vegans and make shoe models in the version of "vegan"
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