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Warranty and care

According to the law, the manufacturer gives a guarantee against hidden defects on model shoes
90 days from the date of purchase.
Hello there! Congratulations on the purchase of your pair of YEA 2098 in order to make your shoes last longer with their original appearance and comfort, we recommend that you read the rules of operation and care. Also, compliance with these rules will ensure that you maintain the production quality guarantee and the YEA product warranty service.

The warranty period is 90 days

When manufacturing a product, the manufacturer assumes that the user will use it for its intended purpose in accordance with the established requirements. If violations are detected, this will result in refusal to exchange shoes under the warranty or refund. Please read the useing and care instructions.

During the entire warranty period of the Shoe, the buyer has the right to contact the seller with one of the following requirements:

- gratuitous elimination of Shoe defects or reimbursement of expenses for the implementation of the process;

- replacement with another product;

- proportionate reduction in the cost of;

- refund for shoes;

What is the warranty case?

The list of cases in which you can contact the seller to return shoes under warranty is strictly defined. The reason for submitting a claim may be:

- crack on the sole;

- staining defect;

- seam breakout;

- the curvature of the seams.

Additional guarantee

You can also exchange or repair shoes under warranty if the period has ended. To do this, within 2 years from the date of purchase, you need to make an expert examination and prove the existence of a manufacturing defect.

What is a non-guaranteed case?

- · shoes were of high quality;

- the product has lost its presentation;

- the buyer carried out the repairs themselves;

- the product has been affected by weather conditions;

- the user used the product incorrectly;

- there is a presence of mechanical damage, the appearance of which is the buyer's fault.

Return shoes under warranty must be clean and dry. Otherwise, you will not be able to exercise your legal right.

If shoes were used

You can return used shoes under warranty if the buyer is able to prove the presence of a factory defect. To do this, it is necessary to conduct an expert examination.

Using and care rules

1. Use a spoon (horn) for shoes.

It is difficult to imagine a more banal advice, however, the use of a horn can save you from premature sagging of the back of shoe, as well as a torn lining in the heel area. You don't want that, do you?

2. keep your running shoes away from direct sunlight during storage.

We recommend keeping your shoes in a dark, dry place. This can be a closed Shoe Cabinet or an original box.

3. Don't keeping your shoes in mud.

4. Dry your shoes in a natural gentle mode at room temperature by simply unbuttoning them and removing the insoles, if they are not glued in. You can not leave socks in the shoes or fill it with paper, and even more so use powerful heating devices or batteries for rapid drying of shoes. prolonged exposure to high temperatures can damage the upper material or too much dry the sole. If during the day you managed to sweat a lot, or wet your feet in the rain, when you get home, get rid of excess moisture in your sneakers. Special crumbly absorbents perfectly cope with this task.

5. if drops of road reagents or salt solutions get on the shoes, it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to erase all the "chemistry" with a simple wet cloth or wash it off under the coldest water in the first 10-20 minutes after entering the heated room.

6. Once a week, it is advisable to thoroughly wipe the shoes with a damp but well-wrung cloth and completely dry them, allowing the pair to rest without moving " for at least a day.

7. Leather shoes every 3-4 weeks, it is advisable to treat shoes with hard Shoe cream or wax.

Remember on the one hand, competent regular cleaning helps to keep shoes in the freshest possible condition, on the other-too aggressive care and incorrectly selected tools quickly shorten the life of shoes.

Caring for the sneakers is not the washing in the machine or drying on the battery. Someone does this, but we don't recommend it. Regardless of the material from which your sneakers are made, machine washing will quickly lead to wear and tear of the shoes, the appearance of cracks and scratches on it, loss of shape and color.

1. Leather sneakers

Prepare a Shoe brush and a small container of warm water in which you will dissolve the detergent. Moisten the brush in water and clean the contaminated areas with quick movements with a short amplitude until a fluffy foam appears.

Then wipe off the foam with a clean cloth. Clean the sole in the same way.

2. How to clean the shoes from suede and nubuck

Shoes made of these materials should be cleaned dry. First of all, clean them from dirt and dust with a soft brush. Then take a special eraser for suede and nubuck, which can be used to gently erase the top layer of the material and remove complex stains, and wipe the contaminated areas with it. Then once again walk on the sneakers with a dry brush.

If this does not help you, you can try a cleansing foam for suede and nubuck. Spray on the contaminated area, then wipe it with a dry clean sponge and let the shoes dry.

3. Sneakers made of textiles.

You need to wash them manually in a cleaning solution. After cleaning, rinse them thoroughly and leave them to dry at room temperature.

4. How to clean running shoes mesh material

First, clean your sneakers with a soft sponge from dirt and dust. Blot a soft brush in a warm solution of water and detergent. Periodically wash the brush in clean water, so as not to RUB existing dirt into the shoes. After you finish cleaning, remove any remaining detergent from the mesh with a clean, slightly damp towel.

Sole care:

To care for the sole, it is necessary to use specialized means such as active foam. Apply foam to the sole and use a shoe brush to clean it is important, a rag or sponge will not do. Any contamination if it is not paint is cleaned in this way. And also, if the outer layer of the sole has not been damaged by deep scratches and so on, in such places dust and dirt can not be cleaned with foam, it is necessary to use a white stationery eraser locally at the places of scratches. In this way, you can bring the white and colored YEA sole to its original appearance.

SALTON SPORT active foams have been tested on our experience

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