Lunarus Yellow Dog
Art: lyd
Massive sneakers, made of genuine leather, with a unique yellow fluorescent sole that changes color depending on the lighting. The unusual simple retro-futuristic shape of the top is a soft and comfortable neoprene cuff, the inner lining is made of genuine leather.

Thanks to the special design of the Lunarus sole, inspired by the silhouette of the cosmonaut's boot and futurism, the sneakers are very stable, the platform adds about 7 cm to the height, while it does not feel high because the bottom of the sole is wider than its upper part, which creates maximum stability and removes the feeling of the platform on the feet.

When developing the model, a special focus was on the combination of a bright, eye-catching design and comfort during daily wear, the pad was brought to the maximum possible feeling of comfort for a long time. And the use of high-quality genuine leather in the upper and lining materials makes Lunarus ideal for any weather.

This version of Lunarus is bright, but it is suitable for a variety of images while adding an accent, an addition for the bows of modern neat casual or bright streetwear.

Warranty: 90 days
15 000
203 USD / 173 EUR
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Lunarus - Yellow Dog
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