T34 Boots
Art: T34bo
Unusual T34 boots made of natural nubuck black, with red accents and a designer hole above the heel, the unique T34 sole with the logo and the inscription RUSSIA is made of ultra light material and is light and comfortable despite the massive appearance. The material of the inner lining is genuine leather.

The presence of a cutout above the heel makes the silhouette more futuristic does not affect the convenience or functionality, but makes the shoes recognizable and distinctive by identifying the design.

A combination of bold style, a recognizable aggressive silhouette and a unique anatomical shape of the sole with a raised heel combined with high-quality genuine leather for maximum comfort.

Warranty: 90 days
12 000
165 USD / 139 EUR
Video unpacking
You can watch the video unpacking
running shoes with a duration of up to 1 minute to see the details of the shoes
and the quality of execution.
T34 - Boots
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